Cafe Warz Rules And Regulations

CAFÉ WARZ Rules & Regulations

  • Each Café Warz team will consist of 6 players. All players will be chosen by café owner according to his/her own preferences.
  • The prize money will be awarded specifically to the Café Owner for the CAFÉ WARZ event.
  • Any player who is in the current roster in any of the 10 Teams provided by IeSC will be termed as a Professional eSports player.
  • A team can be formed in 2 types:
    • Professional eSports Players– 2 from the Indian professional circuit and Semi Pro / Amateur Players – 4
    • Semi Pro / Amateur Players – All 6
  • A player will only be allowed from his/her registered Steam id
  • A player can participate for only 1 team in the entire CAFÉ WARZ event
  • The line-up and stand-in chosen by a café owner for his/her Café Warz team will be the same throughout the entire tournament once the team is registered
  • Players playing from 1 team will not be granted permission to participate for any other team
  • Players need to follow match discipline and should reach venue in time. Failure to turn up by 11 a.m. will result in disqualification.
  • IeSC reserves right to reschedule time and venue of matches
  • No re-entry is permitted to any of the participating teams in case of disqualification
  • Consumption and sale of harmful substance is strictly prohibited for participants by IeSC
  • The rights to disqualify any team or player in case of any misconduct solely remains in the hands of IeSC
  • Declaration of all results of CAFÉ WARZ lies solely with IeSC
  • IeSC has the sole right to refuse admission at the venue to any person who is found guilty of misconduct
  • Persons suspected of carrying items that can be used in a dangerous or offensive manner or carrying out any illegal activities will be asked to leave the premises by IeSC
  • Any discrepancies in relation to the entire event are to be settled under Mumbai jurisdiction courts only.
  • The above mentioned rules are applicable to all games under the IeSC banner for CAFÉ WARZ

Top 10 Teams CS: GO 

Team Brutality
Invisible Wings
Team Overcome
MxB Gaming
Invictus Gaming
Team Gunpoint
Team SemperX
Team WBT
Team Iyati
Team JHS

Top 10 Teams DOTA 2

Beyond Infinity
Invisible Wings
Team Retribution
Surekh Gaming
Aggressive 5
King Arthur & Knights
Roar e Sports
Team XRG
Dare 2 Dream